Zimpost Client Services Charter






Zimbabwe Posts (Private) Limited hereinafter referred to as Zimpost is the leading postal, communications and financial services provider in Zimbabwe. The company has an unrivalled network of over 226 outlets, mandated to provide postal services throughout the country.


Zimpost is committed to providing excellent customer care by creating long term business relationships with its clients and other stakeholders.


This Charter sets out the service standards that Zimpost’s clients and the general public should expect when dealing with the company and its staff. It also specifies a variety of products and services that are offered throughout the Zimpost network. The company endeavors to provide clients with affordable range of products and services in line with technological trends.


The company also strives to acquire ISO certification to ensure standardization of procedures and attainment of international best practice.




Upon the unbundling of the Postal and Telecommunications Corporation (P.T.C.) Zimbabwe Posts (Zimpost) was set up as a 100% Government owned company. While the market has embraced the name Zimpost, this charter is an effort to clearly outline the values that guide this company in its pursuit of quality service and commercial viability.




2.1 This Service Charter seeks to state the standards of service that customers can expect from Zimpost. It;


  • Defines who Zimpost is, in terms of the Posts and Telecommunications Act, 2000.


  • Articulates Zimpost’s Vision and Mission Statement.


2.4 Spells out Zimpost’s commitment to quality service, in terms of speed, reliability, accessibility and efficiency. Customer service excellence and competitiveness in terms of innovativeness in products offerings, is also articulated.


The Service Charter also depicts Zimpost’s commitment to continuous improvement through extensive staff training  investment in technology and infrastructural developments.


  • The Charter also communicates to all stakeholders, the range of products and services offered by Zimpost and the business operating hours.


  • Promises a commitment to meeting high service standards in delivery times and customer waiting times.


  • Stipulates the value that Zimpost attaches to customer comments and suggestions, in the context of organizational policies and service improvements.


  • The charter also states the address and contact details of the company’s head office and


regional offices, including the toll free numbers, email address and website address, Facebook and Twitter accounts.




  • Financially, the SERVICE CHARTER will be supported, through allocation of key resources, to realize the promised standards.


  • The Service Charter creates an opportunity to enhance corporate awareness and customer loyalty.


  • The Service Charter instills a culture for attainment of high quality service standards and discipline, to measure-up to promises made.


  • The Service Charter will inspire Zimpost staff to achieve set standards and the required service excellence.


  • The Service Charter will positively impact on market confidence in Zimpost.



About Zimpost

Zimbabwe Posts (Private) Limited, trading as Zimpost is a postal company which was born from the unbundling of the Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (PTC), and it is incorporated as a public body in terms of the Posts and Telecommunications Act [Chapter 12:05] of 2000. It is a commercial company wholly owned by the Government of Zimbabwe, whose mandate is to provide postal services throughout the country for the benefit of all people in different parts of the country.


Zimbabwe Posts is the leading postal, communication and financial services provider in Zimbabwe. The company has an unrivalled postal network of over 225 outlets spread throughout the country.




To be a provider of excellent universal postal, courier, communication, financial and agency services by 2020.




To provide clients with a universal technology driven, diversified and affordable range of postal courier, communications, financial, insurance and related services.




  • Customer Care


  • Accountability


  • Team work


  • Integrity


  • Innovation


  • Passion




  • To offer high quality service, throughout the postal network


  • To offer a wide range of postal products and services for the benefit of our clients locally, regionally and internationally


  • To provide universal postal services which are accessible to all Zimbabweans


  • To modernize the postal infrastructure and enhance operational efficiency


  • To explore new technologies and to improve the range of product and services offered through the postal network









Zimpost operates a network of over 225 postal outlets comprising of fully fledged post offices, off-counters, sub-post offices, postal agents and mobile post offices. All these postal outlets offer a complete range of postal services.


Zimpost has also issued stamp vendor licenses to businesses to sell postage stamps, registered envelopes etc. for a commission and these form part of the network.


Zimpost operates Post bus service that facilitates the prompt delivery of mail while providing transportation to passengers.


1.1. Letters


Mailing services provided by Zimpost encompass both domestic and international mail.


Various forms of letters are delivered in the postal system to facilitate communication between various stakeholders. These include;


  • Business-to-Business Communication


  • Business – to – Customer


  • Customer – to – Business and;


  • Personal communication


Mailing services provide a mode of communication within Zimbabwe and within the rest of the world. Mail delivery standards for domestic mail are as follows:


·  Within Major Urban Areas


2 days (90%)


Urban to Urban


2 days (90%)


Urban to Rural


3 days (90%)



  • Rural to Rural -  4 days (90%)


For international mail, the mode of transportation determines the speed and the postage rate. Airmail letters take much shorter transmission time than surface mail letters.


Necessary attributes for letters when posting


  • A letter should bear the name of the addressee and his/her full address. It is advisable to include the name of the sender and his/her address at the back of the letter, in case the letter is not deliverable for one reason or another, then it will be returned to the sender without delay.


  • Stamps should be pasted at the top right- hand corner of the envelope or wrapper, to facilitate easier cancellation.


  • The contents of a letter should be documents only of weight of up to 2kg. Anything else will be treated as a Parcel.


  • Postcards


A postcard is a card posted without being folded, or cut, or altered in any way, or enclosed in a wrapper or in an envelope.


1.3.   Newspapers


It is a publication which is printed and published in Zimbabwe (at least monthly) and has been registered at the GPO as a newspaper.


The newspaper is registered and distributed through the post office.


1.4.   Printed matter/magazine


Printed matter consists of reproductions on materials commonly used in printing, produced in several identical copies by means of a mechanical or photographic process.


Magazines are periodicals and books which can also be distributed through the Post.


  • Literature for the blind


Articles consisting of periodicals, books and papers for use by the blind attract no postage if sent by surface mail from institution to institution.


However, a printed matter postage rate is applied for articles transmitted by Air.


1.6.   Library Books


Library books may be sent within Zimbabwe between subscriber and a lending library at a special postage rate. Covers of packets containing library books should be clearly marked ‘Library Books’.


1.7.   Aerogramme


An aerogramme is a two-in-one product. It serves both as an envelope and a writing pad. The aerogramme is classified as printed matter, and attracts economic rates of postage.


  • Poste Restante


This is when customers obtain mail over a counter, from any Post Office. The service is designed primarily to cater for travelers who may have no permanent address in a town. Letters are kept at the disposal of the addressee for 2 months, Parcels for a month, and Cash on Delivery (COD) parcels for 21 days. Thereafter, they are sent to our Returned


Letter Office (RLO) or back to the sender if the sender’s address is available.


  • Posting boxes


A post box is the receptacle of postal articles for transmission by the post office. Zimpost operates a network of posting boxes. The boxes are situated at sites that provide convenience and reduce distances to be covered for purposes of posting letters.


  • Private letter Box


Private letter boxes are situated at Post Offices or at shopping centers, etc. as satellite or stand-alone units. Members of the public and companies rent private boxes at post offices through which they may collect mail at any time of the day.


This service provides:


  • Ultimate solution to people who occasionally change residential addresses as this private box address can be maintained for as long as the renter desires.


  • Security and confidentiality, since access of letters is limited to the key holder.


  • Mail recipient can retrieve letters at their convenience.


Corporates have found this service to be convenient as their staff can retrieve their mail


at specific times to fit in with the organization’s programs.


  • Private Bag Service


The service was designed for corporate clients who receive huge volumes of mail and people in rural areas such as farms where street delivery services are not provided. The bag addresses are inexhaustible at any given post office.


The service is normally preferred by schools, hospitals, mines and Corporates who are keen to have their mail from the post office received by designated officers at their premises. This ensures maximum security of mail when it moves from the post office to the private bag renter.


  • Mail Room Management Services


Mail room Management Services is a facility specifically designed to cater for the mailing needs of corporate clients. It is a service where Zimpost receives printed statements from corporate clients and processes them at either Zimpost premises or the client's premises. The pre-posting preparation process involves detaching, folding, enveloping, sticking labels and sorting of statements for delivery. This facility can be used by everyone including banks, credit stores, and advertising agencies.


  • Business Reply Service


This is a promotional activity where companies enclose return addressed envelopes into their clients’ mail with the payment for the postage stamps done by the promoting company. This facility is pre-registered upon payment of a license fee.


  • Postage Paid In Cash (PPIC)


This product allows posting of at least 100 letters without use of postage stamps. The articles posted can be composed of articles of different classes, i.e. ordinary letters, newspapers, printed matter, postcards etc. The letters are handed in at a post office counter and a receipt obtained for the prepayment of postage.


  • Franking Machine Service


The franking service allows corporate clients to process their letters in-house. The franking machine automatically prints the value of the postage and the date on the envelope. It is a fast and convenient alternative to buying and affixing postage by hand. Franking machines are a contractual service, whereby corporate clients purchase postage in advance from time to time at a specified post office, where the franking machine is presented for registering and meter setting.


1.16. Registered Letters


Registered letters are postal articles that need special care and proof of delivery. This is the recommended product for transmitting valuable items such as Birth Certificates, Insurance Policies, Passports, Business contracts etc. Articles intended for registration are required to be handed in over the counter and a registration receipt obtained for each item handed in. where cash is posted through registered mail, customers are requested to have their registered articles sealed in front of the accepting counter clerk who should witness the declared value of the contents enclosed in his/her presence.


Registered letters can also be insured. The insurance charge depends upon the insured value and is prepaid in addition to the normal postage for the item. Insured registered letter service is provided locally and to selected international destinations.


The benefits of registered and/or insured letters are:-


  • Provision of track and trace facilities


  • Full loss recovery


  • Stamp Vendors


Stamp vendors are individuals, organizations or companies that sell stamps on behalf of Zimpost, at a commission. Stamp vending is a contractual service and licenses are available at local post offices.


  • International Reply Coupons


Any person who wishes to obtain a reply from a client, friend, relative etc. residing outside Zimbabwe can utilize the International Reply Coupon (IRC) for payment of postage.


1.19. Free Post / Entries Gathering


The product seeks to assist companies that engage in Sales promotions and Market Surveys to boost their responses. This allows corporate customers to get their promotion entries using all Zimpost outlets and posting boxes. Under this facility, Zimpost provides one central address where all corporate customers’ promotional entries and survey responses are forwarded, sorted and delivered to specified locations.




2.1. Ordinary Parcel Services


Parcels can be defined in two ways, i.e., as postal articles that weighs between 2kg and 30kg or any non-document postal articles that weigh up to 30kg.


Ordinary parcel service is provided both locally and to all international destinations.


  • Domestic Service


This service caters for local parcels transfer between all major centers with delivery time windows of between 2 days and 4 days as per the letters schedule.


  • International Parcel Services


International parcels are classified into two categories, i.e. Airmail and Surface parcels. The speed of transmission is faster for airmail parcels and slower for surface parcels, though surface parcels are more economic in postage rates.


  • Insured Parcels


Parcels can be insured against loss for both local and selected international destinations. The service also offers track and trace facilities.


All international parcels are bar coded to allow for electronic tracking and tracing which can be done through the Zimpost website.




Communication centers offer ‘One-Stop-Shop’ facilities that are availed for the benefit of postal customers. These include internet browsing and email services, photocopying and printing services, gaming, WIFI, faxing and other traditional postal products and services.


The communication center at Harare Main post office was developed as a pilot project and similar infrastructure has been established at all the major postal outlets. Community Information Centres (CICs) have also been established at Murombedzi, Maphisa, Mutoko, Mpandawana, Rusape, Mubaira and Epworth Post Offices.


Arrangements are underway to put up similar infrastructure at other centers throughout the postal network.




Direct Mail


Zimpost is able to deliver un-addressed and addressed promotional materials, which can be in the form of fliers, brochures, pamphlets, etc. to private boxes and street addresses at affordable rates. Direct Mail is a selling method, promotional and research medium. Zimpost visits 700 000 addresses, six days in a week.


Advertising Space

 Advertisers can place their framed adverts within the postal halls in Zimpost outlets throughout the country. Advertising space is also available on Zimpost building walls, both internally and externally and on state-of-the –art posting boxes. Zimpost delivery network cuts across all income groups, which enables advertisers to strategically position adverts in a suitably located post office of their choice. Our customer traffic figures are in excess of 2 million a month.



Posting Box Advertising


The posting box network is an excess of 3000 countrywide and they offer an alternative advertising medium.




Zimpost offers a wide range of services on behalf of other organizations. Some of the Agency Services include collection of bills through the post office network on behalf of other organizations and payment of pensions through the postal network.


  • The services that are provided by Zimpost on behalf of other organizations include:-


  • Motor vehicle Insurance (Champion Insurance, ICZ, NICOZ Diamond)


  • Motor Vehicle licenses (ZINARA)


  • Car Radio licenses (ZBC)


  • Motor vehicle number plates (CVR)


  • Change of ownership (CVR) including minor changes on registration book details


  • Driver’s licenses collections (CVR)


  • Government Services (DDF, Land fees, payment of Chiefs and Headmen ,Zimra taxes


  • Prepaid Electricity (ZETDC)


  • Bill Payments


Zimpost is contracted to, among others, the following companies to collect bills on their behalf on a monthly basis:-


  • NetOne


  • ZESA


  • TelOne etc.


5.3. Remittance Services


The post office acts as the payment agent for several pension schemes and funds, namely:


  • NSSA (National Social Security Authority) pensions


  • First Mutual pensions


  • NRZ pensions etc.


  • Government forms (Affidavit, Finger prints, CR14,Summons, Memorandum of understanding)




6.1. Zipcash


At Zimpost we believe you don’t need to have a bank account to transfer money. Zipcash is a secure, reliable, convenient and simple way of sending or receiving money countrywide using our wide network of over 225 post offices and across borders. Money is not physically posted to the payee but a payment instruction is electronically transmitted, real time, to the payee’s nearest post office for payment.


This service can now be used for pension payments via the new International Financial System (IFS) platform. The service has now been extended to include international transfers currently Zimbabwe is exchanging money with South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania. More countries will be added to the list as agreements are concluded.


6.2. ICE-cash


Customers can now transact using ICE-cash card at selected Zimpost offices where they can access the following services:


  • Cash withdrawals


  • Deposits


  • Point of Sale (POS) Purchases


  • Money transfers


  • Bill payments


  • Mini Statements (last 5 transactions plus closing balance).


6.3. Ecocash


This service allows users to send and receive money, buy airtime, and make other payments using their mobile phones. Customers using EcoCash can also send and receive money across all networks. All these payments are done from the customer’s virtual account opened at the nearest Econet shop or Zimpost postal outlet. Deposit and withdrawals into and from the account can also be done at any Zimpost office.


6.4. One Wallet


One Wallet mobile money is a cocktail of services that include, sending or receiving cash, topping up own account, topping up another’s account and paying bills via the mobile phone. All these payments are done from the customer’s virtual account opened at the nearest NetOne World shop or Zimpost postal outlet. Deposit and withdrawals into and from the account can also be done at any Zimpost office.


  • Other Electronic Money Transfer Services


  • FBC Master Card


  • Nettcash


  • Western Union


  • POSB (POS) purchases




  • The Hobby


Philately is the hobby of collecting and keeping stamps. These stamps could either be collected from a used envelope, or fresh from the Philatelic Bureau or the local post office. Philatelic stamps can be provided either as mint (without a postal mark) or cancelled (with a postal mark).


  • Why collect stamps


Philatelists collect stamps for following reasons:


  • The hobby is profitable


  • Educative


  • Informative


  • Intrinsic value


  • Leisure, and


  • Stamp collection provides employment opportunities




When stamps are withdrawn, their face value appreciates. The Penny Black is the most famous stamp, because it was the first adhesive stamp produced in the world, (Britain 1840), however, it’s not the most rarest or valuable stamp. The most valuable stamp arguably, is a 1 cent stamp issued in British Guiana in 1853, which is valued at about 500 000 pounds.




Because all stamps have relevant literature to explain the pictures depicted o them, stamps are sources of information for students.




One can trace the history of any country, using that country’s stamps.


Career Opportunities


There are some people making a living out of stamps. Some of them are stamp designers, stamp journalists, stamp dealers and postal staff.


Intrinsic value


Stamp collecting gives inner satisfaction, which is different from collector to collector.



 Stamp collection provides a pleasant pastime.




  • Definitive Stamps


These are stamps issued to celebrate the development of a country through such themes as industry and commerce and natural resources and any other developmental issues. They depict the resources that a country possesses for example buildings that are considered important in the development of a country, National Monuments, Animals and Birds and important economic activities such as agriculture.


  • Commemorative Stamps


These are issued to celebrate outstanding events, personalities and natural endowments a country enjoys.






Zimpost now offers “One Stop Shop” facilities for all diverse needs of scholastic stationery, commercial stationery and textbooks. Customers are guaranteed competitive prices, convenience, wide product range and quality merchandise from reputable local and international suppliers. Zimpost offers one-price nationwide!




Zimpost sells bulk and retail airtime for all networks.


Printing and photocopying


Available at selected offices for bulk and small jobs Services


Internet Services


Surf the net, in a convivial atmosphere at selected outlets. There are also games within the cafes like, pool and play station.




To enhance distribution of agricultural products to farmers, Zimpost entered into strategic alliances with seed, fertilizer and chemical companies. Agricultural inputs can now be accessed conveniently, especially for the rural populace at their nearest post office.


Bulk purchasers can also have their inputs delivered for collection at the nearest post office through CourierConnect, a Zimpost subsidiary.


Real Estate


Zimpost offers space rentals to complimentary business at very reasonable rates.


Post Bus Services


Zimpost has introduced buses with trailers to carry mail, parcels and passengers. This brings a lot of advantages to the commuting public;


Reliability – A proper timetable and routing schedule is used.


Efficiency - Delivery of mail/parcels is always on time every time


Affordable- Zimpost is a brand well known for its fairness and consistency. Fairs are constant even during holidays.



Business Conditions and Services Standards




Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


Saturdays 8:00 am to 11:30 am





Express shops are meant to bring convenience to customers by offering services for extended business hours. On average they operate during the following;


Monday to Sunday – opening at 0700 hours and closing at 2000 hours





Our delivery standards are shown in the following table. These standards apply to all letters posted by 5.00pm on the day of posting at major post offices and respective cut-off times are displayed on posting boxes










J + 1 (2 days)







1. Posted for Delivery within same Urban Delivery





Area and Posted by 5:00pm






2. Posted for Delivery in other Urban Areas

J + 1 (2 days)



3. Posted in Urban Areas for Delivery in Rural Areas

J + 2 (3 days)





4. Posted in Rural Areas (at a postal facility for



delivery in Rural Areas)

J + 3 (4 days)









To be cleared from the







International Offices of




Exchange within 48 hours of




receipt (Harare Central Sorting




Office and Bulawayo Main)






1 week





Bags on application (Rural and Urban)



Boxes (subject to availability)

2 days




Urban Areas

2 days




Rural Areas

3 days


Replacement of Private Box where key is lost

5 days





Urban Areas



Rural Areas







10 minutes





Waiting Time e.g. to buy a stamp












- Day of Posting



J + 1

- Delivery within 2 Days



J + 2

- Delivery within 3 Days








Service Standards


  • Waiting time in post office for 10 minutes


  • Prompt, effective, courteous and personal service.


  • Elimination of mail violations within Zimbabwe.


  • Telephone calls are answered within 3 rings.


  • Written correspondence is acknowledged within three working days, from the date of receipt.


NB: Our performance is monitored against the standards set out in this Charter. This is achieved through regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys and weekly quality of service tests.






  • Zimpost is committed to constant reviews of internal processes with a view to improve operational efficiency and quality of service offered to clients.


  • Zimpost is also actively involved in sponsoring social programmes like football, education for identified under privileged pupils and students, especially in rural areas.


  • Zimpost endeavors to create a public awareness on pandemics such as HIV and AIDS, protection of the environment and the promotion of culture, through specific Postage Stamp issues.





Zimpost values customer comments and suggestions on ways to improve its services and to this end the company has placed Customer Suggestion Boxes and Comments Books in all Post Offices.




Zimpost taps on the experiences of other Postal Administrations through membership to international bodies like the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) and the Southern African Postal Operations Association (SAPOA).




Zimpost Head Office and Regional Offices                                      Province


Zimpost Head Office                                                                  Harare and National


Harare Main Post Office Building


Cnr. Innez Terrace/G. Silundika Avenue


P.O. Box 100




Tel: 263-4-783585/94




Harare Main Post Office                                            Harare & Mashonaland Rural


Cnr Innez Terrace/G.Silundika Avenue


P.O. Box 4210




Tel: 263-242-783585/94




Bulawayo Main Post                                                                         Matabeleland


Cnr J.N. Nkomo Street/8th Avenue


P.O. Box 600




Tel: 263-9-62535



 Mutare Main Post Office                                                                Manicaland


Cnr. Robert Mugabe/Post Road


P.O. Box 810




Tel: 263-20-64621




Masvingo Main Post Office                                                                  Masvingo


Hellet Street


P.O. Box 118




Tel: 263-39-262711




Gweru Main Post Office                                                                    Midlands


Cnr. 7th street/Robert Mugabe Way


P.O. Box 69




Tel: 263-54-225163





TOLL FREE LINE:          0800 4249 or 0800 9101


Email address:            enquiries@zimpost.co.zw


Website:                       www.zimpost.co.zw


Facebook:                    Zimpost / Zimbabwe Posts






Twitter:                       Zimpost