What is Philately?

Philately refers to the collecting of stamps and other postal matter as a hobby or an investment.

Why collecting stamps?

  • Profitable

When stamps are withdrawn from sale from Post Offices and Philately, their value appreciates. You can buy stamps and resale them at a later date and make a profit.

  • Educative

All stamps issued have relented literature of the pictures depicted on them and are sources of information for students.

  • Informative

A person can learn or trace history of any country using that country's stamps.

  • No value stamp

There are some people who are making a living out of stamps. These are stamp designers, stamp journalists, stamp dealer and postal staff.

  • Intrinsic value

Stamp collecting gives inner satisfaction, which is different from collector to collector.

  • Leisure

Stamp collection provides a pleasant pastime.

Types of collectors

There are three types of collectors namely:

  • Standing Order Customers

The customer is given specific and uniform sets of stamps from issues produced by the philatelic bureau.

  • Ordinary Order Customer

The customer gives an order as and when required.

  • Walk-in Customers

The customer walks in and makes purchases over the counter.

Products and Services

  • The value block

It shows the total value of stamps on a sheet of that denomination and the serial number of the sheet.

  • The cylinder or robot block

It shows the number and the types of colours used in producing the stamp.

  • The imprint block

It shows the company and the country that has produced the stamp.

  • The double bottom

This consist of the value, cylinder and imprint blocks (all three in one)

  • First Day Covers

It is a special envelope affixed with a complete set of the stamps issued at the particular time.

  • Miniature /Souvenir sheet

It is a sheet of stamps composed of all denominations of stamps in that particular stamp issue.

 Associations that are working with Zimpost

There are two well-known associations that Zimpost works with and these are:

  • Matebeleland Philatelic Association
  • Mashonaland Philatelic Association