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Vumba is a high yielding, high quality creamy white grain sorghum for humanconsumption and clear beer brewing. On average Vumba out yielded Macia by 46%.Vumba is medium maturing (about 114 days) and is medium-statured. It has goodtolerance to drought and heat stress and has shown consistent yield potential across awide range of environments. Vumba has good resistance to the major sorghum leafdiseases, particularly leaf blight, Exserohilum turcicum, and ergot.Days to flowering(about 78 days) is similar to that of Macia but Vumba matures about three days later.Head exertion and disease reaction of the varieties is similar, but considerably less birddamage was recorded for Vumba. Vumba (about 168 cm) is about 20cm taller thanMacia but has less stalk lodging and has larger grain size than Macia

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