Zimbabwemall is a Game Changer!!!


Zimbabwemall is an exciting integrated National e-commerce platform that facilitates e-marketplace, e-fulfillment and e-payments to facilitate online shopping which includes  payments and delivery logistics by individuals, businesses and corporates in Zimbabwe. The e-platform links domestic e-tailers with local and global purchasers as well as link local buyers and MSMEs with the regional and international markets. Zimbabwemall gives sellers and buyers a secure and trusted marketplace solution which seamlessly thrives from the underlying postal distribution and logistics infrastructure linked to 191 countries across the globe.


Secure Customer Information

Zimbabwemall is hosted by the world acclaimed Universal Postal Union administered Dot Post Top Level Domain. This Domain is very secure and protects both the customer’s information and on the other hand the sellers’ data is protected from hackers.


Global and Local Distribution Logistics

The www.zimbabwemall.post fulfillment deliveries are conducted from the 240 post offices spread across the country. The platform caters for a variety of products from e-sellers and strategic partners that utilize the platform to interact with buyers for their products while Zimbabwe Post collects and delivers the E-Commerce (ECOMP) parcels. Post office products are also available on the platform.The delivery services cater for normal delivery standard time or expedited speedy delivery.

 The post office distribution is the biggest physical network in the world as it provides linkages with 192 countries with that operate a whopping 600 000 post offices globally. Zimbabwe leverages on its membership of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) to be able to facilitate delivery from and to 191 countries of the world. This places Zimbabwemall on a prime spot as its buyers can purchase goods from any part of the world while e-sellers enrolled on its platform have a rare opportunity of selling to the global markets. Zimbabwe Posts will facilitate the shipping of the ECOMP consignments to the international buyers of Zimbabwean products while they deliver locally, all online items bought on the platform.


 Convenient Payment Options

The platform provides for payment to be made online at the time of order confirmation. Payment for the goods purchased may be made using international credit cards, local Zimswitch bank cards and mobile money as the financial gateway accommodates more than one currency.


Tracking Facilities

ECOMP online parcels are trackable electronically and the buyer or seller can track and trace their parcel while it is being conveyed to delivery. Tracking can also be done via the Zimpost website.


Goods Returns Services

In the event the buyer is not satisfied with the product bought, Zimbabwemall offers an opportunity for the goods to be safely returned to allow the seller to replace or refund in line with the purchase agreement.